Crew Profiles

Daniella has a Swedish Captain and 5 crew members on board. The captain has worked in the yachting industry for several years on different yachts, and his experience is of great value.


The mate has been working various yachts in the last years. He is a very active person and enjoys all types of sports. He has a very sound navigational experience and will be an asset for guests and crew.


The chief Engineer has many years experience in marine engineering with multiple certificates of competence on vessels. His experience in maintenance and operations of machinery on board will ensure a trouble free vacation.


Our chef is outstanding. Cooking is not only her profession but it is also her passion. She has studied culinary arts and patisserie to very advanced levels. Her interests vary from all that is food related to wine tasting, travelling, flower arranging, fashion and architecture. She is always ready to please your most desirable food cravings.


Our Steward and Stewardess on board Daniella have several years of experience in the yachting industry. They are honest, reliable and hard working individuals who love working with people as a team in a professional and social environment.


Our crew is young and well experienced; they are a great team and have the right qualities to make your stay on board pleasant and relaxing. They all have a very positive attitude and a pleasant personality; they are always ready to be of service to their fellow crew and to guests. They are always there to see to your every need.